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Anglers For Fish Habitat has been established to raise funds to improve recreational angling for everyone. The idea came about from noticing there are plenty of local waterways that need some extra attention to reach their full potential as recreational fishing hot spots.

Through our initiative we are wanting to firstly improve the waterways to enable the best possible water conditions for fish and other aquatic life. This may require us to lobby council to enable us to re snag water ways or add additional structure to give fish somewhere to breed and live. We will need to be able to come up with ways of improving water quality in some areas by means of increasing aeration and decreasing the amount of pollution going into a water way. These are just some simple examples of what we are hoping to achieve.

The second main agenda is going to be improving access to waterways for people with limited mobility as well as providing safer options for young children to fish from land based advantage points along waterways. This may be possible by providing a firm level spot along the bank with a small barrier to help prevent vulnerable people falling into a waterway.

To be able to fulfil our visions we need to be able to raise funds. We will be hosting numerous events throughout the year. These events we generally be based around recreational fishing with things such as Fishing Events, Casting Competitions, Auctions, Raffles along with sponsorship. All funds raised will be used to cover our own costs where we cannot find a suitable sponsor and to go towards projects to enhance recreational fishing.

If you can help us or you know of someone or a business that may be able to help support us, please let us know. If you would like to see a local waterway in your area benefit from a local event feel free to contact us and discuss some options.

Please get behind our sponsors and support them where ever you can as without our sponsors we wouldn’t be able to run our organisation.

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